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There are as many ways of being Grail as there are people. Grail people undertake no single work or ministry. When asked who they serve they answer:
Each person serves in their own way, wherever they are, with their own particular gifts.
Bicester AGMThe Grail in Bicester

The AGM in the splendid new John Paul II Centre, in Bicester, near Oxford.
Grail Diary 2013-2014Grail Events 2014-2015

Upcoming events and meetings at venues across the country.
Partners TogetherWhat is a Pilgrimage?

Grail Partners Weekend in May 2013 was an opportunity to explore the pilgrimage theme.
Independent Article

Independant on Sunday article about life in the Grail Community.
Grail Community Move

The Grail Community have moved to The Hermitage, Winchester.
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Contact us at The Hermitage, Winchester.
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