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Grail Psalms - Two New Editions

As many people know, the Liturgy in the Catholic church is undergoing a make-over. Many of the texts are changing and the Church is hoping that all parishes will have these changes explained and interpreted.

The Dioceses are providing training opportunities for their priests so that they, too, fully understand why these changes have come about.

Revision of the Grail Psalms

These changes have involved the Grail, in so far as the Grail Psalms, which have been used in the liturgy of English speaking countries since Vatican II, have been revised to accommodate the document 'Liturgiam Authenticam' which called for all Scripture texts to reflect more accurately its full meaning.

The revision of the Grail Psalms was undertaken by Abbot Gregory Polan OSB of Conception Abbey, Minnesota and we have recently heard that they have been accepted for liturgical use in America. We assume, therefore, that they will also be used here in England but we have not yet had that confirmation.

We are very pleased with the revision. They have just been published by GIA, in America. To quote Bishop Patterson of New Jersey:

'The new Grail version of these most valued prayers opens us in a fresh way to the poetic beauty and rich theology of these inspired words…This revision will enrich our prayer in liturgy and private devotion and help us approach God with greater ease and intimacy'.
There are two version of this edition available: The plain psalter for recitation and a version which is pointed for singing.

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