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The Spirit of the Grail,
from the old Grail Centre,

There are as many ways of being Grail as there are people. There is no common work or ministry: each person serves in her own way, with her own particular gifts.

Some of us head workshops and seminars, others come together to run projects that combine creativity, healing, and faith.

Community members also cook or garden, welcome guests, offer healing, counselling, spiritual accompaniment, do secretarial work, and help further the mission of the Grail.

The sculpture on the right represents the Spirit of the Grail and was on the wall at the Grail Centre in Pinner. Unfortunately it was not possible to transport it to our new home in Winchester.

Reaching out: A Grant Making Scheme

In 2013 Grail Society members agreed that a recent generous donation should be used to start a fund offering support to parishes or small charities to carry out projects that would further the aims of the Grail. This scheme will ensure that the name of the Grail, with its spirit and ethos, will carry on into the future.


The Grail has a wide range of publications dealing with spirituality, giving advice on church and community work and much more. The translation of the Psalms is one of the most popular and is used in churches all over the world. (See Grail Psalms, revised editions for the latest Grail Psalm publications.)

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