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Grail Publications are a direct result of Grail work and experience. Many are a response to people's needs. Prayer and meditation often play an important role in people's lives and they look for help in its practice

Grail Publications are recognised world-wide for simplified versions of important documents in the Roman Catholic Church, particularly those which came from the Council of Vatican II.

The Grail Psalms
Most well-known of all are The Grail Psalms, first published in 1963. Originally they were translated from the Hebrew for use by the Grail community in their daily prayer. Rhythmic and singable, they are a joy to read. (See Grail Psalms, revised editions for the latest Grail Psalm publications.)

Grail cards
With bold designs and attractive calligraphy our Think and Consolation Cards are for keeping and for sending.

Grail books
Our books are resources for many who minister in, and belong to, Christian churches. Quotations are drawn from a variety of sources including contemporary and ancient Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Chinese writings.

Grail papers
Grail papers are written both to inform and to stimulate discussion.

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